In House University Program, Development of In-House Training Teams - Maximize your training time and effectiveness with an in-house training staff. Minimize mistakes that will reduce costs and improve effectiveness. This is a strategic initiative that builds business stability, team safety and customer safety as well as increase the use of Lean Teams during our current market conditions

This program involves the selection of trainers for 3 levels of trainer responsibility including the maintenance of the department training tools. Provides opportunities for growth, that will reduce turnover, when employees are growing, they tend to stay longer and be more productive.

  • In-House training develops skills that increase your team’s productivity and the quality of their work product minimizing costly errors.

  • Well trained staff are more engaged, with higher morale and initiative, which help you retain your people, reducing costly turnover

Managers and Supervisors benefit from having better trained employees with Subject Matter Expert Trainers in their departments:

  • Allows for more time to be dedicated to the improvement of daily procedures and operational functions.
  • Team Members in leadership roles are able to develop more ideas to increase business.
  • Managers have more time for effective preparation to interview and select the best candidates.
  • SME’s can provide daily coaching to employees for consistent delivery of services and products.
  • Managers are able to allocate time to their professional development and leadership skills preparing them for the next level of responsibility.

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